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Increase Revenues.

Enhance Brand Loyalty.

Recruit New Users.

About Us

Our Experience


For years, social media has gotten it wrong.  Back in 1998, branding expert Rob Frankel invented the first and only private Branded Community proven to increase customer usage while increasing revenues.  His i-legions technology was eclipsed by more glamorous venture-funded social media platforms, none of which ever matched the performance of his i-legions platform. Now, i-legions is back:  the only private, ad-free, secure, revenue-generating platform in the world.

Our Approach


Why would any business trust its user data to a non-private entity? It makes no sense. Facebook and others offer few tools or managed programs to mobilize users, activate their loyalties or enhance brand revenue. 

Only i-legions engages with brand users on a continual dialogue basis, cultivating users' ownership in your brand while recruiting new users -- all on a secure, turnkey basis -- with no third-party advertising.

Why i-legions?


Every other social media platform has several major flaws: 

1. They promote social interaction

2. They're not designed to drive business.

3. A third party owns your data.

4. They are advertising-driven.

Only i-legions is core-designed around your own brand as a closed, private Branded Community. No third-party ads. No distractions. Just moderated  interactions that guide and motivate your users to engage further with your brand -- while generating revenue.

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