How i-legions Works

Managed by a Branded Icon

With i-legions, the inmates don't run the asylum. Everything is created, managed and reported by our Branded Icon, a real, human personification of your brand. Nothing gets to the users until and unless the Branded icon approves it.

Dialogue, not Monologue

Every day, the Branded Icon initiates, encourages and manages the thoughts, suggestions and interactions among your users. As the First Among Equals, your Branded Icon listens to your users, providing them with access and you with critical marketing insights.

Daily interactions

Your brand stays top of mind as users participate, receiving either one daily digest e-mail of the day's activities and interactions or separate e-mails of each action as it occurs. 

Your brand is always the topic of conversation.

Users march as one, big legion.

In very little time, the Branded Icon is able to unite your users into an army of brand loyalists who take ownership in your brand.  Supported by each other, they make it their mission to actively suggest ideas, products and services that promote the growth of your (and their favorite) brand. 

Test marketing concepts.

Because members of your i-legions Branded Community appreciate your dialogue with them, they enthusiastically respond to market tests with results, comments and helpful suggestions that reward you with smart tactics and them with the satisfaction of furthering your brand.

Ancillary Revenue Generation

There's much more to a brand than its product or service. There are byproducts and ancillary services that loyal users buy to enhance their own experiences with your brand's offerings. Downloads such as e-books and free/paid chat expert sessions offset and even surpass the costs of your Branded Community.